Romney wins in Iowa

Mitt Romney has won the Iowa Caucuses, beating Rick Santorum by under 20 votes out of 122,255 votes that were cast.Romney received 30,015 votes and former US senator Rick Santorum received 30,007 votes.

The result is quite interesting  – Santorum had been receiving very low scores in opinion polling carried out across Iowa during the Primary campaign. He has been travelling around Iowa in a Dodge pickup truck – and he was the first candidate to visit every county. Old fashioned hard work pays off , eh?

Santorum has a relatively weak national campaign, so he may struggle to gain traction in the next few primaries. But, of course, he could raise loads of money from the social conservative and Christian fundamentalist PACs.

Going into New Hampshire next week, Romney is my favourite to win the nomination. Will he beat Obama, though?

No. Obama has more offices open in Iowa, where he is unopposed for the Democratic nomination, than all of the Republicans put together. It may not be a landslide, but Obama will still win.


Full results:

Romney – 30,015 – 25%

Santorum – 30,007 – 25%

Paul – 26,219 – 21%

Gingrich – 16,251 – 13%

Perry – 12,604 – 10%

Bachmann – 6,073 – 5%

Huntsman – 745 – 1%

Rick Perry has stated that he is suspending his campaign and returning to Texas to reevaluate his campaign.

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